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Artist: Jonathan D. Pfendler

Hello and welcome to my website. My fascination with art started at a young age, probably around 5 or so and slowly grew into my passion. I went to an art focused high school called VSAA and it was there I really started to improve my skills as an artist. After high school I went to Clark College to get my AFA. After a couple of years of art classes I transferred to The Art Institute of Portland under their Game art and design program. There I learned more about object, building, environment, character and creature design. Currently I am a freelance artist working on expanding my career and goals. Speaking of goals I aim to work for a major studio like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon and or several others.  


I have a wide variety of skill sets as both a traditional and digital artist.Currently expanding my knowledge of techniques, design, composition, value, shape, lighting, texture and much more. I enjoy multiple styles and genres of art which makes me very versatile with my designs. My favorite genres/styles to create in are fantasy, sci-fy, horror, and realism.

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